Botanical Name: Tsuga heterophylla
Canada Pine, Hem-Fir, Hemlock

The Canada Pine is also sold in Australia under the trading name Hem-Fir which is a mixture of similar looking timbers where Hemlock is predominate.
A large softwood of the North American north west all through Canada down into the USA, being a very important commercial specie in Canada.
Hemlock/Hem-Fir is readily available in Australia, however mostly in pre cut scantling or framing sizes for general construction purposes.

  • Density(average)
  • 500kg/m3 dry
  • Durability Class 4
  • S6 green
  • SD6 dry
  • Hardness Rating (average)
  • 2.1kN green
  • 2.7kN dry
The timber is staw coloured rangeing through to a very pale brown with heartwood and sapwood not easily distinguished. It has a very fine evan texture and normally straight grained, with growth rings fairly prominent, caused by the darker bands of latewood. and is usually non-resinous.
Hemlock works extemely well taking glue and nails, however being low in durability is not recomended for external use. Although used in Canada for joinery and panelling it is rarely seen in Australia for these applications , as mostly construction sizes and grades are imported.