Botanical Name: Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Yellow Cedar, Alaska Cedar, Nootka Cypress

Alaska Cedar is a medium sized softwood of the Pacific Coast of North America from Southern Alaska to Oregon. Sapwood is nearly white to yellowish white and is in a very narrow band. Heartwood is a bright clear yellow, darkening upon exposure. The timber is quite light, only slightly heavier than Western Red Cedar. The grain is typically very straight with a fine and even texture. The material offers a very smooth feel and is virtually splinter free. Growth rings are very close together and not prominent.

  • Density(average)
  • 500kg/m3 green
  • Durability Class 1
  • Hardness Rating (average)
  • 2.0kN green
  • 2.6kN dry
The material being very durable with a very low shrinkage range is used in many applications ranging from boatbuilding, decking, outdoor and indoor joinery, vats, patternmaking and carving. The material is easy to work, accepts coatings well and finishes beautifully. Adhesive bonds are better achieved with resin types rather than non-resin types.
It has only recently become readily available in Australia and is highly recomended for external applications such as decking, weatherboards, handrails, verandah posts and because of its light weight outdoor furniture.